The Perry Heritage Collection


The Perry Heritage Collection is a series of books dedicated to discovering and preserving the rich history of Perry County Pennsylvania.

Each book in the series will contain new, different, and entertaining material that has not been published before or has been long forgotten.  We don't have to travel to see history; it is right under our feet in Perry County.  Everyday we pass sites where significant events took place in the past but we don't realize or recognize the significance.  Places where Indians massacred settlers and where settlers killed the native peoples abound.  Early industries like saw mills, grist mills, iron forges and furnaces, charcoal pits, tanneries, taverns and stills dotted our landscape and shaped a hostile environment into the tranquil land we know today. 

How did the series get started?

Lifetime resident, Dennis Hocker, was researching some events to help uncover the location of Fort Robinson near Centre.  After completing the research he realized that the information was not recorded so it was assembled into the first book in the series, 3 Bloody Days in July. Friends and neighbors suggested other possible topics and the Perry Heritage Collection was born.


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