The Civil War 
 In Their Own Words




Perry County Boys were among the first to step into the line in the defence of the Stars and Stripes so gloriously preserved by the boys in blue … Oh Cesar, if it ever rained in this world, before or after, it did rain that afternoon and night. We marched on, but being drenched to the skin and mud to the neck…

Lt. John H Crist, Company D, 2nd PA

I had my horse shot from under me, and I was wounded. The wounded were left lie on the field till the next morning. Then we were taken to Paris, and left in an old store-house. Two Rebel doctors extracted the bullet from my body. I was there ten weeks.

Sergeant Jacob S. Super, Company F, Seventeenth Penna. Cavalry

My horse tried to leap the stream and landed on the opposite bank throwing me heavily on the head of the horse and pummel of the saddle. I believe I was hit in the breast by a ball or a piece of shell. My clothes being cut across the breast and I bled considerably from the lungs and spit a great deal of blood. I did not leave the field but staid with the Company.

Lt. John Saylor, Company F, 13th Pa Cavalry


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